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blinkie_contest's Journal

Blinkie Contest
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General Rules:

#1. Only maintainers will have posting access.
#2. All enteries are due on Wednesdays.
#3. All entries must say "example". We will not except any other wording. However, should there be a holiday near by, we have no problem with you using phrases such as "Happy Easter", "Ostara", "Merry Christmas", etc.
#4. Maintainers are allowed to enter the contests. Although, we will set one maintainer aside to run the contest, she will not enter the contest if she is running it.

Voting Rules:

#1. No voting for yourself.
#2. No recruiting votes from your friends. All votes will be reviewed. IE if we noticed most of your votes are from your friends, you will be disqualified from the contest with your first offense. Do it again, and you are banned.

I know we all want to win, but wouldn't you rather win because yours is the best, then win because your friends voted for you? :) Let's keep it fair.


Each week there will be 3 contests. You may enter as many as you would like, enter 1, 2, or go all out and enter all 3.

One contest will be a glitter. Glitter color is not to be changed but you can add a graphic to it. Please remember to make the glitter be the main focus of your entry.

Two blinkie contests will revolve around a pixel. In the first you can recolor the pixel, have fun with it, but do not add other elements to it. In the second you can add anything you wish to the pixel. This is the go crazy entry, do what ever you would like with it, but make sure we can tell that the pixel from the challenge is in your entry.

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